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Online Softproofing

Ever-decreasing production deadlines have led to more and more customers asking for "electronic" or PDF proofs instead of the more reliable printed proofs.

Although PDF's are fast and convenient they are often too big to be delivered as an email attachment, meaning there will always be a question mark against the file's integrity because the actual file used to image press plates cannot be sent to the customer as a proof.

Our online soft proofing system overcomes these problems by streaming the actual high resolution data directly from our server to your desktop.

No more problems with large email attachments and no software to install or configure, all you need is an internet connection, a browser and a PC or Mac with Java installed. If you're reading this then you already have the first three so just click here to confirm if you have Java installed on your system, if not, then don't worry as it's a free download anyway!

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